Buy the T-Shirt #2

boogiegraphThe 1988 Creem Magazine interview had a great graphic, and a number of people suggested it would look good on a T Shirt. And it does. So here it is.

The quality of the resulting T-Shirts is pretty good, I bought one to trial it. Bear in mind there are quite large areas of solid white and you get a little variation across that.

One slightly delicate point is the consideration of the modern rose’s shape against her clothes, and in particular the distortion of the image caused by rose norks. I’m not experienced enough with T-Shirts to know if this is a problem (very happy to give a professional opinion on the norks though, of which I have a good working knowledge), so if it is, let me know and I’ll do one with the image shifted to a safe space.

I’ve made a few different sorts of products available, and you can look at the spreadshirt site to see more. Anything you want, just ask me. Colours are selectable at the point of order.

If there are any significant proceeds I’ll figure out something appropriate to do with them.

Click on the graphic to get to the shop.

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