Driving the first Spike

These things always seem to happen while I’m travelling.

Specifically, I was in Niagra by the Lake in Ontario when I caught a bit of wifi on my phone and found that Roz had turned up the inclusion on the soundtrack of Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It”, a snippet of “Who Designed the Snowflake”. I spent a lot of the rest of the day, including while being sprayed with Niagra falls spray, trying to listen to it. The problem is that it’s very much a background piece, with talking over the top, and almost impossible to hear the music.

Especially in the shadow of the falls.

Now home I’ve run it through a little audio trickery and compression so you can hear more of it. It’s from “Total Snow”, and it’s a lovely song.

Is this the Spike Lee collaboration the pictures from a few months ago suggest is happening? Well my money is on it not being that. As part of the collaboration Paddy sent Spike and Cinque Lee a set of demo’s. At this time Spike was looking for music for his rework of “She’s Gotta Have It”, and I think he just liked it and included it. He also used “Mercy” which is in a similar vein. So I think this isn’t the end point. Also significantly it’s credited to “Paddy McAloon” rather than “Prefab Sprout” – this may be significant in that there are rumours “Prefab Sprout” have signed to Sony, and that would preclude use of the name.

In a jetlagged fuzz the day after Niagra I dreamt Paddy told me that the recording had been approved for release as a single. Let’s hope dreams come true, eh?


7 thoughts

  1. I rarely feel like getting out the garden shears and cutting off someone’s gonads, but I felt like that with this chap talking all over Paddy. Gag the bloke!

    So what are we trying to listen to? A demo from Paddy?

  2. I know this is six months after the fact but Prefab going back to Sony? I suppose Crimson/Red did better than hoped (probably not sales wise) and it was Paddy that left Sony and not Sony ending it themselves.

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