I give you young Farron: R4, in the Morning

farronHe’s a Liberal guy… In fact he’s THE Liberal leader.

And having declared Wendy in his peroration to be the person he’d most like to meet, and Prefab Sprout “the best band in the history of forever”, Tim Farron was surprised on the R4 Morning show by a blast of the King of Rock’n’Roll followed by a brief hello from Wendy. Who has also promised to meet him to discuss what part music education can play in removing disadvantage and raising expectations, and how this can be raised up the Lib Dem agenda.

There’s been a bit of churlishness in the press and in social media about the encounter, and talks of snubs and refusals to endorse, but I think that’s a little unfair. Farron comes across well generally, he’s sincere, and he clearly knows his Sprout. It is a bit peculiar having Prefab Sprout at the top of the news agenda, but hopefully it will focus more attention on In Harmony and arts education in general, which can’t be a bad thing.

Listen to the meeting here:

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