Keith Hawkins’ Photographs, Kings College, January 20th 1984

One thing often leads unexpectedly to another in Sproutology, and recently this was proven with a vengeance. Someone on Twitter posted scans of a Prefab Sprout interview from the “Sun Connection” fanzine, this was picked up on Facebook, where the original author found the post and commented, mentioning he had some photos of the Kings College gig. He duly had a search in boxes under his bed and found them, as well as some wonderful recordings which we will come to shortly, plus a copy of the fanzine itself.

This set of photos is a wonderful record of being at an early Prefab Sprout gig. Taken with arms above his head in the hope of getting a nice picture, and with lots of backs of heads visible which to me adds to the atmosphere.

Here’s a recording of the concert too, for the full multimedia experience. The gigography page for this concert has more information and a ticket stub photo.

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