Kings of Rock of Rock and Roll – A Coverfantastic Compendium

“Hot Dog, Jumping Frog, Have a Cookie”: the line misheard more times than you’ve had HotĀ Pepper Sprouts for dinner. The song that seems to be glued into the brains of the general public when Prefab Sprout is mentioned.

And it gets covered a lot. We’ve had the 8 bit version of course. But there are more, and never afraid to delve into the bowels of Youtube to fish out the juicy morsels hidden within, Sproutology presents a comprehensive selection for your audiovisual pleasure.

Let’s start with some Japanese Bossa Nova. I really love this one actually. It reminds me of some of the Japanese buskers you’ll find competing for the attention of the commuters in the Summer at Tokyo railways stations.

Never knowingly twice the same genre, and here is the same song played – to my mind fairly convincingly – by some extraordinarily young people: Dixon Did It.

These days, the ukulele cover is de rigeur, and much as I’d love to poke fun at it, this one is very well done indeed.

Fuzzpop is a new genre on me

Karaoke! And why not. You fear the worst from the opening chair swinging, but you know what? It’s quite well done.

Strange visual effects anyone?

Then into a fairly straight but not disagreeable cover by a Durham college band, Sidious.

For me, this solo piano version by Daniel Round is very nicely done. You get a little more of the pathos of the song coming through. Nice effort

Special marks here for the name of the band. Heavy. Cafe Nine Vomitorium.

Straight down the line…


Some really nice playing here by the wonderful Phil Hare, in a folk style. I really like this one when it gets going

And to finish on a high, here are Cars and Girls, the PREMIER Prefab Sprout tribute band, giving it large in Newcastle. Great night out, but tour even less than the real thing sadly.

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