More Trawling of the Megahertz

Not so much about the renewed chatter on the upper sidebands about the Sony reissue of “I Trawl the Megahertz”, which is, I am unreliably informed,┬álikely to be under the name of Prefab Sprout rather than Paddy McAloon, and in “all formats”,┬ábut more about the rather intriguing snippet below.

Probably just a play of the album, but you never know. Set your dials for Monday night.

EME on BBC Radio 4

Artist Katie Paterson and amateur radio ‘Moonbouncer’ Peter Blair G3LTF send Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the Moon and back on BBC ‘Wireless Nights’

Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Wireless Nights’ show celebrating Shortwave Listening, Grayline and DX is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on Monday March 27. It features Paddy Macaloon, shortwave radio enthusiast and founder of the band Prefab Sprout.

The BBC description reads:

Jarvis Cocker navigates the ether as he continues his nocturnal exploration of the human condition.

On a night voyage across a sea of shortwave he meets those who broadcast, monitor and harvest electronic radio transmissions after dark.

Paddy Macaloon, founder of the band Prefab Sprout, took to trawling the megahertz when he was recovering from eye surgery and the world around him became dark. Tuning in at night he developed a ghostly romance with far off voices and abnormal sounds.


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