New Paddy Pictures via Tom Sheehan’s Instagram.

Some fabulous recent pictures of Paddy have just turned up on Tom Sheehan’s Instagram, including the one from the recent Mojo magazine. Click on the picture to the right see them, they’re great.

Merry Christmas (strange things occur this time of year, and don’t forget he’s dressed in red).

2 thoughts

  1. I cannot really explain it but I have found myself returning to Prefab Sprout recently having been introduced by my music friend with songs such as ‘Ice Maiden’ & ‘Paris Smith” & All THe World Loves Lovers’ some years previously.
    I was keen to listen to more and now I can’t get enough of Paddy & Prefab Sprout.
    I guess we all follow a musical journey and mine started with the Beatles but now I am so intrigued and caught up with Paddy’s songs that I have one I pick out each day.
    One such song I love is ‘Looking For Atlantis’
    God bless you Paddy

  2. God bless pardy indeed!! I’ve been a fan since the beginning .. sitting here listening to SWOON… beyond brilliant!!!!

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