Paddy’s piece of paper

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but as one of the fruits of Paddy’s involvement with Spike Lee has now turned up, I don’t think there’s any reason not to share this. It’s been in the public domain for months.

Back at the time when the Spike Lee collaboration first came to light, Keith Armstrong tweeted the image to the right, and it was eventually shared to Facebook and so on.

Now there’s a thing about photographs these days which is that they are much higher resolution than people expect, and as a couple of UK politicians have discovered (or possibly intended), it’s often possible to blow text caught in in photos up to a point where it can be read.

Paddy has a list on his table, and the only reason I think this wasn’t decoded in the original photo was that the Facebook shared version came out too low resolution to be legible. But it can be read fairly easily, and here it is, straightened out using photo shop.

“Who designed the Snowflake?” is there of course. “The Uses of Starlight” is fascinating, and there’s “Madman on the Roof”. “I Locked Myself Away From the World” too… A mouth-watering list.

Anyone’s guess whether something will come of this, but here’s hoping, eh?

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