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atlantis1A rather unusual relic here. I just bought a couple of promo tapes on Ebay, and the seller included in the package a note saying he’d had a connection with CBS. A little bit of correspondence later, and he sent this photo. You can click on it to get to a larger full resolution copy.

It turned out he was the National Sales Manager at CBS, Glyn Jones, standing next to Paddy in the photo, and this photo is of the team joining in with the promotion of Looking For Atlantis. A bemused Paddy appears not to quite know what he’s doing there, Wendy has a glass of wine, the rest of the band are hiding at the back while the team proudly wears their Atlantis promotional snorkels.

If you are in this picture or know anyone who was, do get in touch. I’m planning some sort of piece on how the band was marketed in the near future.


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