On a little post-Easter holiday, waiting for a stash of VHS and cassettes to arrive, and having a look through the video archive. There’s absolutely tons of this now, and I have it on memory sticks plugged into the big TV. You can’t play it when anyone’s about – there are limits to how many times you can play mimed versions of “Cars and Girls” without straying some distance into a reasonable person’s definition of severe mental cruelty – but it’s nice to let it roll away somewhat in the background when the house is quiet and pick up on odd things.

I usually end up trying to find more or better copies of things while watching, surfing Google’s long tail into the dodgy Russian sites looking for collectors of 1980s videos.  I’m particularly fascinated by the Spanish “A Tope” and “Rockopop” programmes, or Italian “Discoring” at the moment,  I feel these must exist somewhere – Rockopop is tantalisingly incompletely archived on the Spanish TVE site – but I’ve not yet found the door that leads into the secret room. Every now and again you get a clue or something turns up and really there’s no feeling quite like that for a collector; everything seems possible for a while, and then you go back into a quiet period. That’s collecting really, famine following feast.

There is a feast coming incidentally, if and when the package I’m waiting for arrives. Fingers crossed.

So anyway, that’s what I’m doing. And what just came up was the “Live and Kicking” phone in where Paddy gives away a great big box of signed vinyl and his gold record for Jordan. Now I know, because I’m fairly sure he popped up on Facebook saying so, that the guy who asked the question about Gazza is still a fan, but who was it who won the box of treasure? Are they still fans? Is it stuck in a loft somewhere waiting for a fair but not excessive offer from a Sprout obsessive? I think we need closure on this. The giveaway starts about 11:15 in the video below.

Anyone know anything?

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