Sproutmash… The Ultimate Prefab Sprout Song Ranking

The very first use of Facebook was to do what Mark Zuckerberg called “FaceMash” – he harvested pictures from his users and allowed people to rank how “hot” they were by comparing one against another.

And we still trust him with our data.

In a slightly less controversial mode, Sproutology proudly presents “SproutMash”, allowing comparison of songs one at a time to determine which are the best. Every released or public domain Prefab Sprout/Paddy McAloon song is in the list. Click on the one you prefer below, and do as many as you can. It’s surprisingly addictive.

The current rankings are here (there will be a more flashy interface soon).



13 thoughts

  1. Great work from yourself. Your knowledge and workrate on the Prefab legacy is second to none. The gems you have uncovered! (esp the stuff from my loft) I doubt theres ANYONE out there who has ever put more into researching and chronicling any rock bands history. More power to your elbow. Roy

  2. God, I love this site.

    My first album was “Two Wheels Good”(I live in Hawaii).

    I bought it after reading a review in Stereo Review.

    I have been a fan ever since.

    The album got me through my grandfather’s death.

    I love that the Paddy McAloon songbook is so rich that you can rank “Appetite” at #35.

  3. Let’s not take the poll seriously though… (‘Basketball’ third from the bottom! Wha’!? Plus tracks made long past PS’s halcyon days being so high up! Nah.) Good fun, but this makes YouGov look competent!

  4. It would be good if we could hear a short sample from each song before voting. Otherwise a very clever way to rank the songs.

  5. Great fun – unsurprising that Steve McQueen dominates the top placings, but I’m disappointed at the lack of love for Crimson/Red. Perhaps if C/R had been recorded with the original band, it might be up there alongside Steve McQueen…?

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