The Daintees – Paddy McAloon Mix of Crocodile Cryer

A quiet August for Sproutology so far, mostly because I had to go to Australia for work. While there, I had the good fortune to be traveling between Sydney and Melbourne at the same time as early super-fan Joe Grimes (after whom Steve McQueen might have been called if the wind had been blowing a slightly different way) for a natter in the Qantas Club Lounge, of which more later.

But there was some chatter on Twitter while I was away which is worth noting. A while back, Martin Stephenson released a collection of old bits and bobs including the Paddy McAloon mix of “Crocodile Cryer” which has turned up on Bandcamp, and a steal at a quid for a lossless download. Paddy produced it and played harmonica. It’s great – you can play it direct from the bandcamp site without making a purchase, but that would make you a stingy get.

Martin Stephenson described the song thus on twitter: “Ha! Paddy on banjo, I sound 12 years old, our guitarist on keys, me on lead guitar which is a no no? Punk drummer! Poor Paddy, sweet ‘n naive though”

To get to the bandcamp site, click on the graphic.

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