The Rollmo Prefab Sprout Fanzine – Complete

rollmoBack with the fanzines, and this is the classic, non-official, 1990s Rollmo! produced by John Birch.

It’s been available previously as a set of image files, but I’ve created a set of PDF facsimiles which are a lot easier to view and use. And even now they’re very worthwhile, collating interviews and cuttings, some of which aren’t available generally elsewhere. Rollmo was always a bit more ambitious than its peers, nicely laid out and with good graphics.

The set starts with a profile of the band before starting the fanzine proper, which ran for 13 free issues until it became uneconomic and recipients mostly declined to pay – by this time the fanzine was mostly about other Kitchenware bands. It started up again shortly after in the “CD Fanzine” format, and in a future post I’ll be providing a “make your own CD Fanzine” kit with full artwork, etc.

Profile – Up to April 1990
Rollmo 1 – July 1990
Rollmo 2 – early August 1990
Rollmo 3 – later August 1990
Rollmo 4 – September/October 1990
Rollmo 5 – November 1990
Rollmo 6 – December 1990
Rollmo 7 – February 1991
Rollmo 8 – April 1991
Rollmo 9 – June/July 1991
Rollmo 10 – August/September 1991
Rollmo 11 – October/November 1991
Rollmo 12 – December/January 1991/2
Rollmo 13 – No date
Rollmo 14 – June 1992
Rollmo 15 – July/August 1992
Rollmo 16 – No date
Rollmo 17 – No date

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