Who designed the snowflake?

Little news snippet. @Sproutlandia on twitter just pointed me at a new entry in the BMI repertoire database for “Who Designed the Snowflake”. This is a song from “Total Snow” referenced as probable for Rod Stewart’s next album in a recent interview he did. It has a high sequence number (8 digits starting with 2) in the BMI database so I think it’s a new registration.

All eyes peeled for news on Rod then I guess. It’s the only new registration I could find, so looks unlikely Rod will be giving us his “Madman on the Roof”. But strange things occur this time of year, and you never know.

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  1. Spoke to Paddy yesterday 14/9 , it is one of the bonus tracks on deluxe version of album .
    Got in touch and they spoke about the song , said he wrote it with louie armstrong in mind and rod sent the version to paddy and has done it in a Louie/waites style.

    1. Its a pity its only a bonus track, would have received more exposure/royalties from the main album. Did Paddy give any insight if his version may see light of day?

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