St Leonard’s RC School Dinner Dance

“I first met a sprout by him being a good school mate of my oldest brother- Micky Salmon was the original drummer in PS and went to St Leonards school in Durham City and was always a member of one band or another. He knocked around with my brother when he wasnt rehearsing and took my brother and me (school hols, older brother charged with looking after younger brother, neither brother happy with the arrangement!) to see him rehearse with his latest band at the DLI pub in Gilesgate, just outside Durham City. I sat in corner of pub not realising my brush with greatness and was totally bored as an early incarnation of PS knocked out various cover versions. I vaguely remember seeing Paddy, who was introduced to my brother by Mickey, (I like to think I was maybe pointed at) but the whole experience somewhat passed me by. But I can always say I saw the Sprouts with my brothers mate Micky Salmon as the drummer!!!

“”The next time I saw Paddy and the others was at a very early gig. Again cos of the Salmon-school relation he got them the gig of the School Xmas Dinner Dance..I think at the Dunelm Venue in the City centre (it may have been at the Three Tunnes Hotel tho, not sure) and the band were a resounding success. Micky became a very cool person at school but the real respect even then was for Paddy–the very cool frontman!!! I saw the band do 2 songs that night…the first and the last…and although I couldnt name either, I have always classed it as an I was there moment!”

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  1. I supplied the Disco. The bass player had wellies on if I remember well and had blonde hair ?
    They covered Ace’s track How Long and I remember asking them who had the original hit with it.

  2. That’s right David – I booked them (and you!), On the night Paddy took one look at my dinner dance suit and said , ‘who’s this the man from the Pru?’ Michael Salmon was a good friend through junior school and into St Leonards. Lovely smart guy. Would be great to hear from you Michael.
    Chris Granlund

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