The Point Depot, Dublin: December 9th, 1990

01. Michael
02. Appetite
03. I Remember That
04. Moving The River
05. Machine Gun Ibiza
06. We Let The Stars Go
07. Bonny
08. Faron Young
09. Nightingales/Hey Manhattan!
10. Carnival 2000
11. One Of The Broken
12. Wild Horses
13. Jordan:The Comeback
14. Cruel
15. Goodbye Lucille N.1
16. The Golden Calf
17. Looking For Atlantis
18. Moondog
19. King Of Rock N Roll
20. Cars And Girls
21. When Love Breaks Down
22. Doo Wop In Harlem

Dublin 1990 was incredible. The boys rocked The Point Depot with pretty much all of the Jordan album, and I remember Paddy’s white suit! Best song of the night was We Let The Stars Go…..just before beginning the song, Paddy dedicated it to Newcastle United FC! And they played ‘Dublin’ to the obvious delight of the audience.”

Anselm, sproutnet discussion board

point point_letter dublin_point

Irish Times, December 29th,1990

One thought

  1. 25 years on this still burns as my favourite gig. It was the last in a long tour and there was always the chance that the band just wanted to go home. It felt like the band moved through this might be ok tonight, it looks like it’s a good one to finally throwing everything that was left in them into a glorious performance. It was an appreciative audience in fine form encouraging the band to understand how marvellous it was to be there. Paddy laughed and said that Farron Young was played with pants on fire. We called them back again and again until I’m sure the entire tour set list was played along with anything they found down the back of the sofa. 2 hours of grinning joy for audience and I hope a little shinning moment for the band.

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