Uncut – June 1998

Paddy was asked about his thoughts on his favourite Brian Wilson works.

  1. ‘God Only Knows’; ‘Surf’s Up’; ‘Good Vibrations’
  2. Pet Sounds; Smile (most tracks available; make your own compilation); Surf’s Up

He had exactly the same paint-box as everyone else in the Sixties, but his pictures were unique. Why was this? It was because of his great melodic strength, his fantastic chord changes, and, to bring it all together, he possessed the production skills that allowed him to have a great concept for each song (for example, ‘Wind Chimes’, ‘California Girls’, ‘Don’t Talk’ – each of these songs was brilliant, each of these songs was different). Just think what a lesser talent would have done with *God Only Knows’. It would probably turn into a beautiful but soppy ballad.

Not with Mr Wilson.