Uncut (Martin) – May 2007

UNCUT: Why the new acoustic versions?

MARTIN McALOON: We had a bunch of demos from when we did the songs originally, and someone asked about them for the reissue, but they were discounted on the grounds of being crap. Paddy said, if you want acoustic, let me do proper versions.

Are you surprised by the enduring appeal of this album?

I’ve noticed that bands mention us as an influence, but often I don‘t see it myself. The bands I would like to think we’d influenced, I bet they’re not even aware of us. I’d like to think that the Guillemots like us, but I bet they’re into the Associates.

Why does Steve McQueen still resonate with people?

I think most people’s favourite record is one they hear between the ages of 13 and 23, and this one was the sound of a generation at university —and all those associations of freedom, starting your life. I don’t listen to our old stuff myself unless the house is empty, I’ve got a bottle of wine and a packet of Pringles, and fancy a damn good laugh… and that happens maybe once a century