“You probably watched with as much pride as we guys did, on Saturday, as a certain Mr Kevin Armstrong and Neil Conti led David Bowie through the best version of “Heroes” he’s ever done… Can’t play a note between them, but the haircuts are brilliant” Paddy McAloon, Leeds Warehouse, July 18th 1985

It’s Live Aid Day, and 31 years ago I was watching the show on a tiny TV in a tiny bedsit in Brighton, unemployed, but feeling like the king of the world in one of the best summers I can remember. Prefab Sprout were about to start a mini tour with the full electric band, but Neil and Kevin Armstrong, who had joined on guitar, dipped out to back David Bowie in front of an audience of millions at Live Aid.

At the behest of Thomas Dolby, no less, who played keyboards. We shall hear more of him hereafter. At the suggestion of Mick Lynch, you’ll find the full Bowie set a little bit further down. But first, let’s hear from Bowie and Dolby.


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