Motormouth (almost) complete – December 3rd 1988

Motormouth was one of a number of Saturday morning childrens’ shows in the 1980s, and the typical format was that they would invite a band to sing the song they were promoting, and then their big hit at the end over the credits. The second song from the Sprout contribution – “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” – has been circulating on youtube and elsewhere for ages, but the first one – “Nightingales” has only just emerged as part of the “Jane P” collection. So here they are together.

The TVS archive that might contain more was sold to Disney not so long ago, and the word is that the Motormouth segments were wiped. Not sure I believe that – there is some value in them – but for the moment this is the best we have. It would be complete, except that a segment involving Witton Gilbert’s ACTUAL most famous son – Bobby Robson – meeting the band and exchanging gifts wasn’t recorded. If anyone has a binbag full of VHS that might have that on it, you know where to come.

There is, incidentally, a moment at the end of Nightingales that is CRYING OUT to be made into an animated GIF if anyone knows how to do it. You’ll know when you get there.




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  1. I didn’t know they did that with bobby robson! I remember I was helping to put the Christmas tree up that morning and had motormouth on but I must have left the room when that bit happened!!!

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