Strange Silhouettes – the video history

wittonsqFor the “Sprout Day Out” last year, I created a 30 minute video covering most of the span of the band’s history. As the walks apparently took longer than expected, this wasn’t shown.

Not much of that was an enormous loss as it was mostly material already on Youtube, but as it started with an elaborate photo montage covering the period between about 1977 and the release of Swoon which was quite a lot of work, I thought I’d post it here as a bank holiday special. You’ll also get a snippet of the legendary Hacienda 1984 video at the end, lobby the BBC if you want more.

The accompanying music is Avalon at the Bay Hotel, Cullercoats in 1977, with “Strange Silhouettes” (later a B Side sung by Wendy with different words). There’s more of that concert here for anyone who missed it. Certainly brings a few memories of the 1980s back for those of us who were there.

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  1. Hi Tim. Hope Alice is comfortable and all goes well. STILL haven’t played all my tapes to c wot else there. life too busy at mo!!!!

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