Vredenburg Hall, Utrecht: December 8th, 1985

Set Listing (Presumed Complete Version)

01 Moving The River
02 Cars and Girls
03 Bonny
04 Faron Young
05 Hallelujah
06 Lions In My Own Garden
07 Wicked Things
08 Goodbye Lucille # 1
09 Don’t Sing
[10 Tiffany’s]
11 When Love Breaks Down
12 When The Angels
13 Appetite
14 Cruel
15 Faron Young

“It was a short show with no support act. The venue was Vredenburg in Utrecht and only a few hundred people showed up. Quiet show, no rock and roll at all. I payed 15 guilders (7 euro’s) for the show. I remember that because that was very cheap for a Vredenburg concert.” 

Borland, Dimeadozen

“I was actually at the his concert back in 1985 when my then Dutch girlfriend surprised me with a pair of tickets. I remember it was a stunning gig, with a *beautiful* soft solo version Cruel and a rousing encore of Faron Young (which had also been played earlier), which left everyone extremely enervated as we streamed happily out of the concert at the end. It was a great venue and a very special night” Brother John, Sproutnet

“Before the show me and my friend, both 16 years old then, met up with Neil Conti at his hotel room. We played him a tape of our cover version of ‘Goodbye Lucille #1’ and he was impressed. Neil introduced us to the rest of the band before the soundcheck. They were all pleasantly surprised that a young Dutch band covered their songs. During the gig Paddy dedicated ‘Goodbye Lucille #1’ to my friend and me.”
Bart, by e-mail

Set Listing (Dutch Radio Version)

01. Bonny
02. Hallelujah
03. Wicked Things
04. Goodbye Lucille #1
05. When Love Breaks Down
06. Cruel
07. Faron Young
08. Appetite
09. Cars and Girls

A recording of this concert exists. Excellent sound quality, FM sourced – broadcast by VPRO who paid the band 500 guilders for the privilege. Most copies consist of only the first 7 songs. I’ve heard Cars and Girls on MP3 and on a minidisc (partial with Dutch Radio presenters talking over a short section), but Appetite has not been confirmed on any recording I know of. Despite that the first 7 songs are worthwhile in themselves, it’s an excellent recording. The concert features on the double silver disc bootleg “Sprouted Shows”.

Set Listing (Capital Radio Tapes, British Library)

Further recordings exist in the British Library in the Capital Radio tapes. There are three separate catalogue entries, one a finished broadcast version and the other two apparently edits from a more or less complete show (minus Tiffany’s from the usual set, see the Fabrik Hamburg show). Utrecht is identified in the introduction to Moving the River in this set, and other introductions are identifiable from the Dutch radio version. This is an excellent recording from a prebroadcast tape, available via Soundserver on a 128kbps mp3 file. Spoken introductions are present mostly. No known copies outside the British Library.

Tape 1 – C628/396 Broadcast show introduced by Tony Hale – broadcast 27th December 1985:

01. Faron Young (as Dutch tape)
02. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
03. Wicked Things
04. Don’t Sing
05. When Love Breaks Down
06. When the Angels
07. Appetite

Tape 2 – C628/712 Presumed Rushes and Edits

01. Moving the River
02. Cars and Girls
03. Bonny
04. Faron Young (“Spanish” lead in only)
05. Hallelujah
06. Lions (spoken intro only)

Tape 3 – C628/713 Presumed Rushes and Edits

01. Cruel
02. Faron Young (Reprised version, starting “Pardon me boy, is that the Chatanooga choo choo?”)

Prefab Sprout I4a Prefab Sprout I5a Prefab Sprout I9 Prefab Sprout I10 Prefab Sprout I11 Prefab Sprout I12 Prefab Sprout I13 Prefab Sprout I14 Prefab Sprout I16 Prefab Sprout I17 Prefab Sprout I18 Prefab Sprout I19 Prefab Sprout I15

One thought

  1. A true walk down memory lane. I was there as a teenager and big Prefab Sprout fan.
    Excellent concert, great recording.
    Some of the whistling is mine…

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