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I listened to the Sodajerker interview podcast in a hotel bedroom in Santiago, and it was an absolute treat. The link (for anyone who hasn’t yet found it) is below. Simon and Brian are sympathetic and engaging interviewers, and just as in 2013 this one sits up there with Pete Paphides as the best of the bunch.

I previously noted that Toru Watanabe’s telephone interview formed the basis of the Japanese sleeve notes for “I trawl”; I now have these scanned and ready for translation in due course. It appears this has also appeared in the latest edition of the Japanese “Record Collector” magazine, which I will investigate. For those who don’t know him, he is THE MAN for Prefab Sprout in Japan, having hosted the 1999 event in Tokyo, and interviewed Paddy many times, probably most notably on the same trip.  Watanabe explains in a tweet that the CD insert is 14 pages long and contains most of the call.

Still waiting for Hotpress, and rumours of another coming in the German Intro Magazine.

Upcoming Interviews:

  • Toma Tommaso, Billboard Italy (unknown date)
  • Pat Carty for Hot Press, January 15th (due to appear in Feb).
  • Rumoured – Intro Magazine, Germany
  • Toru Watanabe, Record Collector (interviewed Jan 10th, probably the same as the Japanese “I Trawl” sleeve notes.

Already available Interviews:

  • Chris Hawkins, BBC6 Music, Paddy on his hometown. Recorded Feb 9th, Broadcast March 11th
  • Radcliffe and Maconie, BBC 6Music, Feb 9th. A derived piece was published in Waitrose free “Weekend” newspaper, 28th Feb
  • Simon Logan, BBC Radio Newcastle, Feb 7th.
  • Laurence Cook, BBC Radio Scotland, 6th Feb. Recorded 31st Jan.
  • Stephen Smith, BBC Newsnight, 4th Feb (recorded 31st Jan)

  • Eleri Sion, BBC Radio Wales, 4th Feb
  • Robert Elms, BBC Radio London, 1st Feb
  • Caroline Fleck, Downtown Radio,31st January, available below
  • Nicola Stanbridge, Radio 4 (Recorded December 3rd), available below.


Some Extracts from the Dagbladet interview:

“Perhaps Sony will also release a box set of rarities. There are many B-sides that aren’t available anywhere, in addition to the first two Prefab Sprout singles. Besides, I have a lot of old demos. The only problem is that they are in a huge aluminium box that my mixing desk is on, and I can’t remove it until I finish the new album. It’s like they’re in jail”, says a cheerful Paddy.

On “Femmes Mythologiques”:

“The idea for the album came from thinking of John Lennon and how he has changed from being a talented boy from Liverpool to a mythical figure in just over 50 years. What transformation has he undergone in such a short time? And how much did our images of other figures – including Eve in the Garden of Eden – have changed over the centuries and millennia?”

On unfinished albums:

“… One is “Electrical Storm” that was finished and I had started recording. It was in 2010, and perversely enough – for various reasons – it became easier for me to create “Crimson / Red” from scratch than to finish a record that was almost finished.”

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  1. Thankyou so much for this one. I caught the very short edit version on the R4 Today programme when it was broadcast. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this one. All the very best for 2019, best wishes, Rob

  2. Excellent interview on Radio Scotland (6 February). One of the few that actually was mainly about Megahertz and went into detail about “I’m 49” (my favourite on the album).

  3. Just great to hear McAloon again and also very exciting that there should be a new record on the way. He seems in good spirits about getting more recording done. Exciting!

  4. It’s been terrific to enjoy this recent, as Stuart Maconie might put it, smorgasbord of Paddy we’ve all been waiting patiently for. That said, I found the Newsnight segment rather frustrating, with the usual tone of condescension as they fixated on King of Rock and Roll and not a great deal more in those precious few minutes. Evidently, there was considerably more to the interview than we were allowed to see, which got me thinking…..how incredible would it be if Alan Yentob could persuade Paddy to be the subject of one of his Imagine shows? Now that really would be worth watching.

  5. Hunh!?!
    So this is the guy that made the cool LP I found in a music store in Magnolia Arkansas in the fall of 1985…..still haven’t heard anything much like it…….amazing what can be done with a Telecaster and a Tambourine!
    Sent from an attic in Nashville, visiting from New Orleans

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