Postbag Roundup – March 13th 2016

roundupThe collection continues with mostly magazines and interviews. Let’s start with Xavier Valiño’s book, which has an Andromeda Heights era interview in, that’s the one with the picture of Bjork on the cover.

A few Teen mags with small features. An Italian magazine. A 1990 TV listings magazine from Belgium which, surprisingly, has a great interview over several pages, soon to be translated.

Another “Helter Skelter” fanzine from 1981 which promised a review of a gig at the Spectro Arts Centre but which in reality reviews the Green Eyed Children (later Hurrah!) and just says Prefab Sprout were characteristically good. And one of those wonderfully ephemeral things, an Abbey National free branch giveway mag from 1985 with an interview. This is more or less a rehash of the Ian Pye ones from the same period, but because these were giveaways they weren’t kept much so a rare survivor.

Then there is a promo picture of Martin as already posted, a couple of pre-release cassettes from the same rich seam as preceding round-ups have noted, this time of “Jordan” and “Life of Surprises”. And finishing off with a New Zealand pressing of “Appetite”.

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