This page gives chronologically organised links to Prefab Sprout interviews, audio, video and text and is a work in progress, I’ll be adding material as it comes onto the site or appears online.

If an interview exists but cannot be posted for any reason there is a reference giving information that should allow a copy to be located, for example by buying a music paper back issue. Some articles are available via the excellent “Rock’s Back Pages” site, which is subscription based, although at least one interview from RBP, an excellent one by Chris Ingham from November 1999, is free content and well worth signing up to read.

Generally, if a live external link exists, it will be used. In some cases translations of foreign language external interviews are hosted here, but in such cases the original link is always provided if available.


February. Mal Armstrong, Helter Skelter Fanzine. Cutting. Text
September 7th. Paul Woods, Sunderland Echo. Cutting. Text


April 16th. Dave McCullough, Sounds. Text
August 27th. Adrian Thrills, Kitchenware Feature, NME. Text
November 4th. Tube Feature on Kitchenware. Video
November 26th. NME. Text


Look North (Not located)
Consett Music Project “Rock and Dole” Fanzine Issue 4 (Steve Dolder). Cutting. Text.
The Tube – Paddy and Alan Hull on the Newcastle Pub Scene. Video
Greenwich Sound Radio. Audio (external)
Greenwich Sound Radio (Keith Armstrong). Audio (external)
Kathryn Nichols, Debut Magazine. Text
Keith Hawkins, Sun Connection Fanzine. Text
January 7th. Strikkers, Record Mirror. Text
January 14th. Dave McCullough, Sounds. Text
January 19th. Simon Garfield, Time Out. Text
January 21st. Karen Swayne, No. 1. Text
January 28th. Ian Pye, Melody Maker. Text
March. Max Bell, The Face. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
March 3rd. Graham K. Smith, Record Mirror. Text
March 3rd. BBC Radio 1. Not located
March 17th. Barney Hoskyns, NME. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
March 26th. Jan-Olov Andersson, Aftonbladet (Sweden). Translation
April. Serena Nono, Rockerilla. Translation
April 7th. Singles Review. Record Mirror. Cutting. Text
April 27th. Dave Fanning, RTE 2FM. Audio
May 4th. Phil Gorman, KFM. Audio
May 25th. Joe Breen, Irish Times. Cutting. Text
June/July. Falling and Laughing Fanzine. Text
August. Willy Heynen, Backstage Magazine. Translation
September: OOR Magazine. Translation
November 14th: Rockens Ansikt, NRK. Video
December: Peter van Brummelen, Vinyl Magazine. Translation
December 5th: Mark Ellen, Smash Hits. Text


“Emma Welles”. “The Great Escape”. Audio
March 30th. Andy Batten-Foster, Saturday Live. Audio
May. Simon Potter, The Beat (HMV Magazine). Text
May. Simon Potter, Blitz Magazine. Text
May 4th. Mat Snow, NME
April 20th. Debbi Voller, No 1 Magazine (Wendy). Text
April 27th. Andy Strike, Record Mirror (Wendy). Text Cutting
June. Karin Aderhold, Musik Szene, Germany. Translation
June 1st. Ian Pye, Melody Maker (edited form of same interview appeared in RAM, Australia, July 31st 1985). Text
June 12th. John Morrish, CBS Records, Soho Square. Text
June 23rd. Tony “The Greek” Michaelides, Piccadilly Radio. Audio
July. Probably Ian Pye (see June 1st), ACE magazine, Abbey National. Text
July. Tony Michaelides, Acrylic Daze Fanzine/Piccadilly Radio Last Radio Show. Text
July. Chris Heath, Jamming. Text
July. Chris Maillard, International Musician and Recording World. Text
July 19th. Graeme Johnson, Retford Times (Wendy/Martin). Text
July 19th. Mark Cooper, City Limits. Text
July 25th. Richard Skinner, Saturday Live. Audio
July 29th. Bruce Clark, Brisbane Courier Mail. Text
August. Donny Sutherland, Sounds. Video
August. Ciao 2001. Translation
August. Vincent Carroll, Debris Fanzine. Text
August. Ron Rom (Romford Ron)/Neil Anderson, Everything Counts. Text
August (interview was June 12th). John Morrish, One Two Testing. Text
August.Sasha Stojanovic, Rock Magazine, Yugoslavia. Translation
August 3rd. Danny Kelly, NME. Text
August 7th. Janice Long, Radio 1. Audio
August 31st. Jim Reid, Record Mirror. Text
September. Sasha Stojanovic, Schlager Magazine, Sweden. Translation
September. Diedrich Diederichsen, Spex. Translation.
September. Wim Van Sinderen, Vinyl, Holland. Translation
September 16th. Bruce Clark, Brisbane Courier Mail. Text
September 26th. EON Radio, Melbourne. Not located
October 26th. David Rowley, Countdown Magazine. Text
November. Sam Rosenthal/Marc Whinston, Alternative Rhythms. Text
November. i-D Magazine (Wendy). Text
November. Tommy Boyd, Wide Awake Club (Martin and Wendy). Video
November. Serena Nono, Rockerilla. Translation
November 7th. Brisbane Courier Mail. Text
November 15th. Rock Week Syndicated Show. Audio
November 18th. Dolly Magazine. Translation
November 30th. Karen Swayne, No 1 Magazine. Text
December. Francis Dordor, Best Magazine. Translation
December. Miss Alex, Rockstar Magazine. Translation
December 4th. Chris Heath, Smash Hits. Text
December 11th. Wendy Varley. Just 17 Magazine (Wendy). Text
December 14th. Mike Gardner, Record Mirror. Text


January. Piergiorgio Brunelli, Ciao 2001. Translation
January. Chris Heath, Jamming. Text
January. Don MacPherson, The Face. Text
January. Robert Edelstein, Rockbill Magazine. Text
January. Luca Dondoni, Tutti Magazine. Translation
February. Sylvie Simmons, Creem Magazine. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
February 10th. Julie Brown TVAM (Martin and Wendy). AP Archive
February 22nd. Blue Jeans Magazine. Text
March 4th. Sunie Fletcher, Superchannel. Video
March 16th. Francesco Adinolfi, Ciao2001. Translation
March 22nd. Andy Peebles, Radio One. Not Located
April. Midori Tsukagoshi, Music Life (interviewed in January 1986). Translation
April 25th. George Byrne, Hot Press. Text
June. Will McRobb, Matter. Text
June 17th. Blitz Magazine, Portugal. Translation of Chris Heath’s July 1985 Jamming article.
July 1st (Published September). Kentaro Takahashi, Japanese Music Magazine. Translation
August/September. Naoka Endo, Ongaku Senka Magazine, Japan. Translation
September. Rock Show Magazine, Japan. Translation
September. Rockin’On Magazine, Japan. Translation
September. Tomoko Imai, Music Life, Japan. Translation
September. Kenji Takamimi, Fools Mate, Japan. Translation
December. Pelo Magazine, Argentina. Translation


May 14th. John Morrish, Making Music. Text


Piccadilly Radio. (British Library)
Capital Radio. Paul Cook (British Library)
Metro Radio. Paddy reading the weather. Audio
Barney Hoskyns, Vogue. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
“A Few Facts About Prefab Sprout”. Text
Pierre Perrone, Club Pour Hommes. Translation
Super Channel and “Japanese” interview. Video
January. Barney Hoskyns. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site. Audio
February. Simon Potter, Superchannel. Video
February 6th. Alan Jackson, NME. Text
February 6th. David Stubbs. Melody Maker. Text
February 28th. Barney Hoskyns, APB. Video (part of the January audio interview at RBP).
March. John Godfrey, iD Magazine. Text
March. Billy Smith, Cut Magazine. Text
March 3rd. Look North (TV). Not located
March. Sarah Ward, Multitrack, BBC World Service. Audio
March 11th. Mark Cooper, the Guardian. Text
March 26th. Melody Maker. Text
March 26th. Johnnie Walker, Stereo Sequence, Radio 1. Audio
April. Sorrel Downer, Sky Magazine. Text
April. Andrew Smith (Paddy), Bob Henrit (Neil). International Musician and Recording World. Text
April. Enrico Sisti, Rockstar Magazine. Translation
April. Yuko Takano, Pop Gear. Translation
April 14th. Nicky Brown, Metro Radio. Audio
April 16th. Paddy on Punk. Text
April 22nd. Mick Brown, Night Network. Video
April 23rd. Ian Dickson, Record Mirror. Text
April 27th. Ton de Jong, Leidsch Dagblad. Translation
May. Youri Lenquette, Rock and Folk. Translation
May. Sylvie Devilette. Rocknews. Translation
May. Stephen Kingston, TS Beat Magazine (Martin) . Text
May. Detlef Diederichsen, Spex Magazine. Translation
May 13th. Lenore Pemberton, Wired. Video
May 14th. Mat Snow, Sounds
May 18th. Christopher Heath, Smash Hits Text
June. Tim Nicholson, Company Magazine. Text
June. Francis Dordor, Best Magazine. Translation
June. Andreas Hub, Fachblatt Magazine. Translation
June. Stefano Bianchi, Tutto Musica. Translation
June 11th. NME. Text
June 12th. Italian TV Video Music. Not located
June 29th. Francesco Adinolfi, Ciao 2001. Translation
June 30th Nick Rivers. External Text
July. Andy Crane, “But First This”. Video
July. JD Beauvallet, Les Inrockuptibles. Translation
July. Charlotte Hindle, Get Fresh. Video
July. Diego A. Manrique, Primera Ligne. Translation
July 4th. Deirdre O’Donohue, KCRW SNAP. Audio
July 24th. David Stubbs, Straits Times (Syndicated Article). Text
July 29th. Richard Jobson, The Garden Party. Video
August. Pierre Perrone. Rockland. Edited form of Club Pour Hommes Interview.
August. Youri Lenquette, Rock and Folk. Translation
August. Doug Adamson, Tracks Magazine. Text
August 13th. Bryan Burnett, Evening Times. Text
August 20th. Dave DiMartino, Billboard Magazine. Text
August 22nd. Andy Nyman, NPR Morning Edition. Audio
September 24th. Les Doigts dans la Prise. Video
October: Karen Schoemer, Creem Magazine. Text
October 15th Beatriz Pecker, Rockopop. Video
November. Barry Lang, RTE Beatbox. Audio
November 6th. Dave Fanning, RTE2. Audio. Also issued as a transcript in Fresh Magazine. Text
December. Miguel Angel Arenas, Man Magazine. Translation
December. Mark Cooper, Q Magazine. Text
December 10th. Andy Strickland. Text


August. Isabelle Karcher, Best Magazine. Translation
February 1st. TVAM. Not located
February 25th. Simon Bates (presenter) “Where There’s a Hit There’s a Writ”. Audio.
March. Philippe Langlest, Keyboard Magazine. Translation
March 11th. Philip Schofield and fans, Going Live. Video
March 21st. Jorge Pires, Blitz Magazine. Translation


Daily Mirror. Text
Jordan: The Highlights (Promo CD). Audio
Music Box:  Video
Pierre Perrone, Club Pour Hommes. Translation
Sasha Stojanovic, Music Magazine, Italy. Translation.
Canal+ Spain. Video
Joseph Fox Music View #91. Audio
April 20th. Mark Goodier, BBC Newcastle FM. Audio
August. Mark Goodier, BBC Radio 1, Give Me Five. Audio
August. Hanspeter Kuenzler (uncirculated). Text
August 3rd. Giles Smith, Independent. Text
August 4th. Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker. Text (external)
August 11th. Nick Duerden, Record Mirror. Text
August 11th. Stuart Maconie. NME. Text
August 15th. Belinda Jones, Popshop. Text
August 25th. Richard Skinner, Saturday Sequence, Radio 1. Audio
August 30th. Deirdre O’Donohue, KCRW SNAP. Audio
Autumn. Ian Waugh (Jess Bailey), Roland Newslink Magazine. Text
September. Gareth O’Callaghan, Video File, RTE. Video
September. Michael Leonard, Guitarist Magazine. Text
September. Martin Townsend, Woolworths ‘Pop Magazine’. Text
September. Pat Thomas, Insight Magazine. Text
September. Al Pope, Top Magazine (Tower Records). Text
September. Paint It Red (Newcastle Arts Magazine). Text
September 20th. Paul Byrne, Hot Press. Text
September 29th. NME. Text
October. Paul Flower, Brum Beat. Text
October. Midori Tsukagoshi, Music Life Japan. Translation
October. Mikael Nilsson, Swedish Radio P3. Audio
October. Henry Dumatray, Rock Spirits. Translation
October. Tom Doyle, International Musician and Recording World. Text
October. Paul Lester, Sky Magazine. Text
October. Thirsty Ear US College Radio. Audio
October. Rockin’ On, Japan. Translation
October 4th. John Milward, Philly Inquirer. Text
October 6th. NME. Text
October 8th: Simon Mayo Record of the Week, BBC Radio One. Audio
October 12th. Simon Mayo, BBC Radio One. Audio
October 17th. Nick Coleman, Time Out.
November. Crossbeat Japan. Translation
November. Jean-Daniel Beauvallet/Renaud Monfourny, Les Inrockuptibles. Translation
November. Andrew Harrison, Select Magazine. Text
November 10th. Beatriz Pecker, Rockopop. Video
November 17th. Corné Evers, Oor Magazine. Translation
November 18th. Rapido. Video
November 18th. Carlos Nunez, El Periódico de Catalunya. Translation
November 23rd. Esteban Lines, La Vangardia. Translation
November 24th. Manuel de la Fuente, ABC. Translation
November 29th. Serge Simonart, Humo Magazine.
December. Francois Gerald. Translation
December. Paolo Battigelli, Ciao 2001. Translation
December 6th. Metropolis. Video
December 20th. Jean-Luc Cambier, Telemoustique Translation


January. Philip Schofield and fans, Going Live. Video
January. Toru Watanabe, Popgear Magazine, Japan. Translation
February. Toru Watanabe, CD Magazine, Japan. Translation
January 5th. Paul Lester, Melody Maker. Text
January 29th. Jeff Smith, Radio 1. Not located
March 7th. David Wild, Rolling Stone Magazine. Text (external)
March 19th. Mark Goodier, Who Writes the Songs?, Radio 1. British Library (date given as 16th).
April 14th. Spencer Bright, Associated Press (edited version in Herald Sun April 5th). Text


MTV. Video
Paddy on his Record Collection, Independent. Text
Paddy on Appetite. Text
Paul Lester, Rock Compact Disk Magazine. Text
Nicky Campbell, Radio 1. Audio
Jason Cohen. Text
Alan Corr, RTE Guide. Text
May 9th. Tony Gregory, Music From the Bridge. (British Library)
June. Mark Byrne, Atlantic 252. Audio
June 20th. Stuart Maconie, NME. Text
June 28th. Giles Smith, The Independent. Text
July. Tony Gregory, TVAM. Video
July. Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 1 Record of the Week. Audio
July 1st. TV AM. Not Located.
July 2nd. Look North (TV). Not located
July 8th. Alan Jackson, The Times. Text
July 8th. Ton de Jong, Leidisch Dagblad. Translation
August. Ian McCann, Record Hunter. Text
August. David Cavanagh, Select. Text
August 22nd. NME. Text
September. Morita Toshifumi, Crossbeat Magazine, Japan. Translation
September. Goro Nakagawa, Pop Gear Magazine. Translation
September. Yves Bongarcon, Rock Sound. Translation
October 23rd. Oz (Greece). Translation
November. ROK Magazine, Greece. Translation
November 17th. Roberto Gandolfi, Ciao 2001. Translation
December 4th. Kurt B. Reighley. Audio/Text


February 21st. The Big E. Video
March. Simon Braund (Neil Conti), Rhythm Magazine. Text
March. Kurt B. Reighley Creem. Text (Interview December 4th 1992)
November 2nd. Alan Jackson, The Times (excerpt). Text


May 7th: Anne Nightingale, One to One, ITV (WOT TV). Not located
November 29th. The Story of Pop #45. Not Located (rebroadcast 6Music with Paddy segment edited out)
December. Barney Hoskyns, Mojo. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site


April 15th. John Harris, NME. Text


Penny Smith, GMTV. Video
Chart Show. Video
Per Sinding-Larsen, ZTV. Video
January 22nd. Ray Gibbon (Generic Interview sourced from the label). Text
February 23rd. Stuart Maconie, Radio 1. Audio
March 29th. Music Week. Text
April 11th. Steve Harris. Audio (external)
April 11th. Phil Daoust, The Guardian.
April 18th. Manchester Evening News – piece derived from the Ray Gibbon generic interview
April 25th. Caitlin Moran, The Times. Text
April 27th. Robert Yates, the Independent. Text
May. Sabrina Silamo, L’Indic. Translation
May. Christophe Conte, Les Inrockuptibles. Translation
May. Bill DeMain Musician Magazine. Text
May. Stuart Maconie, Q Magazine. Text
May. Chris Ingham, Mojo. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
May. Alex Adami, Rockstar Magazine. Translation
May. Christoph Gurk, Spex Magazine. Translation
May. Key 103 FM, Manchester. Audio
May 2nd. Trevor Ward. Something For the Weekend. Video
May 7th. Enrico Sisti, Musica Magazine, Italy. Translation
May 9th. Nick Coleman, Independent. Text
May 10th. Paul Sexton, Billboard Magazine. Text
May 16th. Kevin Courtney, Irish Times. Text
May 20th. Xavier Valiño, Ultrasonica – Also appeared in his book “Retratos Pop”. Text (external) Translation
May 21st. Kim Skotte. Politiken. Translation
May 23rd. Dan Backman, SvT. Text (external) Translation
May 29th. FNAC Bordeaux. Audio
May 30th. Laurent Rigoulet, La Liberation. Text (external) – Translation
May 31st. Radio France. Audio
June. Harima Hideshi, Crossbeat. Translation
June 2nd. Esteban Lines, La Vangardia. Translation
June 4th. Santi Mayor Farguell, Avui. Translation
June 17th. Luigi Abramo & Gabriele Pescatore, Mucchio Translation
July. Paul Lester, Uncut. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
July. Kjell Häglund, Tidskriften POP#25 Text (external) Translation
July. Jean-Marc Bouineau and Stéphane Benhamou, Best Magazine. Translation
July 22nd. Luc Lorfèvre, Derniere Heure du Sport. Translation
August. Paolo Giovanazzi, New Age Magazine. Translation
September. David S. Mordoh, Rock Delux. Translation
September. “David Gibson”, Ruta66. This was an edited translation of the generic 1997 Press Kit interview.


February. Neville Marten, Guitarist Magazine. Text
June. Uncut. Paddy on Brian Wilson. Text


Uncut. Text
October 12th Victoria Moore, London Metro. Text
November. Chris Ingham. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
October 14th, David Brewis email interview, Zorrophonic. Text
December 18th. Shibuya HMV. Video (air date 19/1/00). Transcript and article


January. Toru Watanabe, The Dig. Translation
February 27th. John Harris, Independent. Text
March 19th. Jeremy Robinson, Sunday Sun. Text
March 22nd. Tom Cox, Guardian. Text (external)
March 23rd. Mark Taylor, Bristol Post. Text
April. Banana Yoshimoto v. Paddy McAloon, GQ Japan. Translation
April 5th. Newcastle Evening Chronicle. Text
April 13th. Nick Kelly, Hot Press. Text
April 19th. Paddy on Green Gartside, BBC Wales Scritti Politti Documentary. Video
June. Koju Wakui, Record Collector Japan (Interview 18th December 1999). Translation
June. Q Magazine (Martin). Text
June 10th. VH1 Interview (Martin and Jess) at the Fleadh. Video
July. Gareth Grundy (Martin), Q Magazine. Text
September. Jordan McLachlan, Rhythm Magazine. Text


Jason Cohen (same interview as for Stereophile Magazine). Audio
Oliver Tepel, Spex. Translation
February 14th. Kurt B. Reighley, Seattle Weekly. Text
February 25th. Gerry Galipault, PauseAndPlay.Com. Text (external)
May. Jason Cohen, Stereophile Magazine. Text
May 20th. Gunman Electronic Press Kit Interview. Video
June Pat Pierson, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Magazine. Cuttings (external). Text
June. Eric Leimann. Audio
June. Mark Collins. Audio
June. Arnd Zeigler. Audio
June 5th. ScotFM. Not Located
June 11th. Jemma Gofton, Lunchtime Live. Video
June 11th. Lynn Parsons, Radio 2. Not located
June 15th. Craig Mclean, The Scotsman. Text
June 15th. Andrew Mueller, The Independent. Text
June 16th. Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Back Pages. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
June 18th. Peter Vantyghem, De Standaard, Belgium (Text, pay site only)
June 19th. Anne-Claire Norot, Les Inrockuptibles. Text (external) Translation
June 22nd. Will Hodgkinson, the Guardian. Text (external)
June 24th. Mark Edwards, The Times Text
July 13th. Jonathan Wingate, Daily Mirror. Text
July 21st. Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times. Text (external)
August. Claude France, Compact Magazine. Translation
August. Andrew Fletcher. Audio
August (Broadcast September 21st). Jonathan Ross. Audio
August. Sylvie Simmons, German Rolling Stone. Translation
August. Sylvie Simmons, Mojo. Text
August. Sylvie Simmons, Mojo4Music Website. Text
August 2nd. Pascal Dupont, L’Express. Text (external). Translation
September. David Stubbs, Uncut. Rock's Back Pages Subscription Site
October. Pippo Piarulli, Jam Magazine. Translation
November. Ikeda Satoko, Strange Days. Translation


January 11th. North Stars. Video. Also book is available with extended interview.


January 23rd. Per Sinding Larsen, Studio Pop. Video
June. Enrico Sisti, Musica. Translation
June 4th. Glyn Brown, Independent. Text (external)
June 6th. Alex O’Connell, The Times. Text
June 21st. BBC Radio 3, The Verb. Not located and possibly not an interview. The Verb
June 24th: Richard Allinson, Late Night, Radio 2. Audio.
June 30th. Andrew Collins, 6Music. Audio.
July 6th. Robert Sandall, Mixing It, Radio 3. Audio
November. Richard Allinson, Sold on Song. Not located. (Japanese translation)


July. Pete Paphides. Mojo. Text


Peter Lindblad, Goldmine Magazine (Thomas Dolby & Martin) . Text
Frank Goodman, Puremusic (Thomas Dolby). Text (external)
March 27th. Sproutnet (Martin). Video
April. Amazon. Text
May. Daryl Easlea, Record Collector (Martin and Keith Armstrong). Text
May. Uncut Magazine (Martin). Text
July, Peter Whitfield, Sproutnet. Text
July 22nd: Stephen Busemeyer, Hartford Courant. Text


Terry Staunton, Record Collector. Text
Ralf Niemczyk, Merian Web Site. Translation
July 13th. Graeme Thomson, blog post. Text (external)
August 16th. Dan Cairns, The Times. Text
September. Graeme Thomson, Word Magazine. Text
September. Sharon O’Connell, Uncut. Text (external)
September. Hanspeter Kuenzler. Text (external)
September 3rd. Radcliffe and Maconie. Audio
September 3rd. Arnd Zeigler. Audio
September 6th. Craig McClean, the Independent. Text
September 9th. Daily Telegraph. Text (external)
September 12th. Graeme Thomson, Glasgow Herald. Text
September 28th. DRS3 Sounds. Audio. Edited version of Hanspeter Kuenzler’s interview
October. Mat Snow, Mojo
December. Greig Dymond, CBC Arts. Text
December. Xavier Valiño, Ruta 66 Magazine. Translation
December. Juan Manuel Freire, Rockdelux. Text (external) Translation
December 3rd. Xavier Valiño, Ultrasonica. Text (external) Translation


January. Simone Sacco, Jam. Translation
January. Hideshi Harima, Cross Beat. Translation
January 22nd. Sylvain Fesson, Parlhot. Text (external) Translation
March 13th. Jessica Salter, Telegraph Magazine. Text
October 26th. Torquil Campbell. Text
November 4th. Russ Slater, Pop Matters. Text (external)
November 8th. Noel Murray A.V. Club. Text (external)


February 4th. Mike Ragogna, Huffington Post. Text (external)
March 31st. Slicing Up Eyeballs. Text (external) – also appeared in an edited Spanish form at NadoBueno
December. Peter. Text


January 12th. Chris Evans interviews Andrew Harris. Audio.


Crossbeat, Japan. Translation
September. Paul Smith, NARC Magazine. Text
September. Hanspeter Kuenzler. Text (external)
September 5th. Paul Lester, Guardian. Text (external)
September 19th. Frederic Granier. Text
September 29th. Graeme Thompson, Express Newspapers. Text (external)
September 29th. Tobias Rüther, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Translation
October. Crimson/Red Interview from Box Set. Audio
October. Niklas Elmer, Sonic Winter Magazine, Sweden. Translation
October. Hans Nieswandt, Rolling Stone Germany. Translation.
October/November: Andrew Mueller, Uncut. Text
October 1st. Duncan Seaman, Yorkshire Evening Post. Text (external)
October 1st. Andrew Eaton-Lewis, Scotsman. Text (external)
October 2nd. Hanna Fahl, DN.SE. Text (external). Translation
October 2nd. Till Raether, Süddeutsche Zeitung. Translation
October 3rd. Silvia Weber, Ampya. Translation
October 3rd. RadioEins Happy/Sad. Audio
October 4th. Arwa Haider, Metro. Text (external)
October 5th. Håkan Engström, Sydsvenskan. Text (external). Translation
October 6th. Patrik Forshage, Nöjesguiden. Text (external). Translation
October 7th. Alex Mayor & Thomas Venker, Kaput. Text (external)
October 8th. Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie, 6music. Audio
October 8th (Broadcast December 27th). Steve Drayton, BBC Radio Newcastle. Audio
October 8th. Simon Logan, Radio Newcastle. Audio
October 10th. SRF-3 Sounds. Audio
October 11th. Kirsty Lang. BBC Front Row. Audio
October 11th. Nils Johansson, NSD (Duo Nöje). Translation
October 12th. Eric Leimann, Deutschlandfunk. Text (external) Audio/Translation
October 15th. Christoph Dallach, Spiegel Online. Text (external)
October 15th. Samir H. Köck, Die Presse. Translation. Text (external)
October 15th. Tom Dunne, Newstalk. Audio
October 16th. Alan Simpson, BBC Radio Ulster. Audio
October 20th. Alan Thompson, BBC Radio Wales. Audio
October 22nd. Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times. Text (external)
October 25th. Wendy Smith. Audio
October 25th. Mick Lynch. Audio
October 26th. Eric Leimann, STIMME.DE & Weser Kurier. Translation
October 30th. Arnd Zeigler. Audio/Text
November/October. Andrew Mueller, Uncut. Text
November. Pete Paphides, Long Player. Audio (external)
November. Ian Harrison, Mojo. Text
November 4th. Florian Toussaint. Audio
November 4th. Joel Perry. Audio
November 22nd. Simon Barber & Brian O’Connor, Sodajerker. Audio (external)
December. Mariko Sakamoto, Rockin’ On Magazine Japan. Translation
December 6th. Rephertoire. Audio (external) Text (external)
December 18th. Anders Lundquist, Obladoo blog. Translation


January: 伊藤英嗣 (Ito), Cookie Scene Japan. Text (external). Translation
January. Michael Loesl, Grand Guitars. Text (external, chargeable). Translation
January. Michael Bjorn, Strange Days, Japan. English text (external)
March. Tom Doyle, Sound on Sound Magazine. Text (external)
March. Bertrand Lamargelle, Abus Dangereux. Text (external). Translation
October 3rd. Sproutology (Graham Lant). Text
November. Graham Findlay (Neil Conti). Text


February 3rd. Sara Cox (Martin Brammer of the Kane Gang). Audio


March: Paul Bursche, Prefab Sprout Product Manager. Text
June 6th. Thomas Dolby, Sproutology. Part 1 & Part 2. Text


March 27th. Jarvis Cocker, BBC Radio 4. Audio
November 17th. David Whetstone, Feliks Culpa (Martin), Newcastle Chronicle. Text (External)


October 18th. Danny Eccleston, Mojo Magazine (February 2019 edition). Text
November 8th. Sony Press Release for “I Trawl the Megahertz”. Text
November 29th. Chris Roberts, Record Collector Magazine (published January 2019). Text
November 29th. Chris Roberts. Prog Magazine (published May 2019). Text (External)
November 29th. John Earls, Classic Pop #49 (published February 2019). Text
November 29th. Pete Paphides, Needle Mythology Podcast (published 20th Feb). Audio (External)
December 3rd. Nicola Stanbridge, BBC R4 Today Program (Broadcast 10/12). Audio
December 3rd. Nicola Stanbridge, Extended Podcast  (Made available 13/12). Audio


January 10th. Toru Watanabe. Appears as liner notes for Japanese CD release, and in Japanese Record Collector Magazine
January 15th. Pat Carty for Hot Press. External Text
January 15th. Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times (Published January 26th). External Text
January 15th. Carlos P. de Ziriza (broadcast and published 19th January):

January 18th. Olivier Lamm, La Liberation. Published February 18th. External
January 28th. Erik Valebrokk, Blog. Extended version of a paywalled Dagbladet Interview. External
January 30th. Robert Ham, Paste Magazine. External Text (Published 25th March, 2019)
January 31st.Caroline Fleck, Downtown Radio. Audio
January 31st. Stephen Smith, BBC Newsnight. Broadcast 4th February. External Video
January 31st. Laurence Cook, BBC Radio Scotland, Broadcast 6th Feb. Audio
January 31st. Paddy “track by track”. Issued March/April 2019. External Video
January 31st. Paddy on his first record purchases. Published April 10th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on the acoustic “Steve McQueen”. Published April 12th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Swoon”. Published August 15th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “From Langley Park To Memphis”, Published  August 28th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Jordan: The Comeback”. Published September 5th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “A Life Of Surprises”. Published September 12th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Andromeda Heights”. Published November 19th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Let’s Change the World With Music”. Published November 26th. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Steve McQueen”. Published December 3rd. Video
January 31st. Paddy on “Protest Songs”. Published December 10th. Video
February. Jordi Bianciotto, Rockdelux Magazine, Spain
February. AFP syndicated, Nicolas Pratviel and Fiachra Gibbons, e.g. Malay Mail. External
February: Pete Paphides, Needle Mythology Part 2. Probably Feb 4th. See Nov 29th 2018
February: (published April 2nd). Ron Hart, Billboard USA. Text (external)
February 1st. François Gorin, Telerama. Text, External
February 1st. Andy Jackson, Wave105 Solent. Audio, external
February 1st. Robert Elms, BBC Radio London. Audio
February 1st. Sodajerker Podcast. Audio, external
February 4th. Eleri Sion, BBC Radio Wales. Audio
February 6th. Olivier Nuc, Le Figaro. Translation. External link (paywalled)
February 7th. Simon Logan, BBC Radio Newcastle. Audio
February 9th. Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe, BBC 6Music. Audio
February 9th. Chris Hawkins, BBC 6Music. Broadcast March 11th
February 12th. Juan Manuel Freire, El Periodico. External
February 16th. Patrik Forshage, Nöjesguiden. External
February 26th. Wendy on Mark Hollis, the Guardian. Text
Feburary 28th. Stuart Maconie, Waitrose “Weekend” magazine. Derived from BBC interview, February 9th
March. Jérôme Soligny, Rock and Folk Magazine.
April 1st. Simon Logan, BBC Radio Newcastle, Martin McAloon. Audio
April 3rd. Martin McAloon, Vane Gallery Artist Talk. External Video
September 30th (published – interview probably early 2019). Glenn Alderson, Beatroute. External text.
October. Martin on Swoon, for the Prefab Sprout Official Mailing List. Text
October. Paddy on “I Trawl the Megahertz” for Piccadilly Records. Text.



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  1. Hi, I really like this website. I really hope to meet Paddy some time in the near future. I was very disappointed when I heard I had missed him at the BBC Radio 2 Wogan House on 1st Feb. Some friends of mine met Paddy and he signed some records for them. They also have photos,

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