Sunderland, Le Metro: October 1981

“I was in a band and we got a date for our first ever gig in Hero’s in October 1981. Jenky asked why we didn’t go and get a gig at Le Metro, so we ran round there from Hero’s. There was a framed pin board on the side of the entrance door with a piece of paper pinned to it with ‘appearing tonight – Prefab Sprout’ written on with a Biro. We go in, talk to the manager, and get a date to play the week after our Hero’s gig. We stick around to see what kind of band would have such a shite name and Mickey Mouse poster as we already had posters, logos, backdrops, intro tapes etc. ready. There was a studenty looking bloke playing guitar with penny glasses and a music stand, a bass player and a drummer. There were about five people in the joint. When we played a couple of weeks later we packed the joint out. Couldn’t believe they ‘made it’ as a band with zero charisma or presence, and we didn’t. Not jealous like. Honest!”

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“Tex”, RTG Sunderland Message Board

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