Ebay Item of the Week – September 16th 2017

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this as a purchase – it’s a bit expensive to my way of thinking – but it’s a very nice item. It goes back to the early days of the band, prior to “Swoon”, when all the product they had was “Lions/Radio Love” on Candle, plus this single with “Walk On” on the B side, during the recording of which Prefab Sprout really started sounding like Prefab Sprout. You’ll notice that the distribution was being done by The Cartel rather than CBS too. The posters would have been sent out to record stores and so on, probably in quite small numbers.

So not all that many of these about, and a fairly rare thing. A few years ago an online store – I think EIL – had a few of them which is when I got mine. They’re well designed and would look nice framed, not too large. But forty quid? Well, when are you going to find another? The eternal collectors conundrum…

As usual, click on the link to get to the listing.


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