More Songs about Cars and Girls

carsandgirlsBeen doing a little pottering today, and I put the executive collection of Prefab Sprout Vevo videos on while I was doing it.

My attention was caught by the toy car in the Cars and Girls video, and I idly wondered whether I’d be able to find one anywhere. It looked a little like a Bentley, so I naively typed “Red Toy Bentley” into Google Image Search, and there it was. The little toy red Bentley with a photographer in the passenger seat that drives around in the video.

It turns out to be a mid 1970s “Photoing On Car”, made in China, and with a “mystery action, the horn sounding and the headlight flashing, when it starts, the girl taking photo when it stops”. And a very lovely thing it is too.

If they weren’t hideously expensive I’d be tempted to pick one up, But in the meantime, there’s an excellent write up, some lovely photos, and a video at this blog.


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