Capturing the Elusive – Liverpool Philharmonic, April 4th 2000

I’ve been looking for this for a very long time. There are recordings of almost all the 2000 tour, with just a couple of gaps. This is the main one – the taper who got most of the other concerts had an equipment malfunction and just caught the encores.

Which as it turned out was fortunate, because Lyder from Norway, concerned about getting onto a flight, caught the whole concert but not the encores. So at last by joining the two parts together we have the whole thing in decent quality.

The 2000 tour didn’t vary much, but the banter in this one is excellent. There’s even a snatch of a Bolan song in between things.

Still a few missing bits and pieces from the tour. Most significantly, the second half of the Cambridge show is missing. This was the show the BBC taped and put out highlights of: I suspect as a result most people junked their own minidisc recordings. So if anyone thinks they may have it, you know what to do. Then the Warwick gig has a couple of breaks for tape flips of the cassette, and the Newcastle gig has a fault on “Looking for Atlantis”

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