Paddy McAloon and Jimmy Webb – September 24th 1991

webbThis has been available forever in a fairly low res version on Youtube, but here it is in glorious full resolution, recorded off air onto a good VHS deck and via that to DVD with a top end Panasonic player. Anselm is to be thanked for this, as for a great deal of the best quality TV recordings including the Fleadh one which I’ll also post in due course.

Wonderful song, even if Paddy fluffs the words a little to his later embarrassment… And as those who have listened to the “Crimson/Red” interviews will know, Paddy also recalled that Webb told him just before performing that he’d added a chorus. But he muddled through in a spectacularly wonderful way.

Recorded on September 24th, 1991, and broadcast on October 10th.

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