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inharmonyUPDATE: A little while back, I posted about Wendy’s work with InHarmony, which is a brilliant project that aims to boost the life chances of children using music: essentially providing instruments and tuition and opportunities to perform. The aim isn’t to create virtuoso musicians, but a framework in which children often with low expectations of their ability can challenge themselves and learn how they can do far more than they believe themselves capable of.

On Friday 27th March, BBC North East broadcast a wonderful documentary on the project, and you can view it below. YOU CAN ALSO DONATE HERE: although the project has deservedly received further government funding for another year, it does still require funding from the public. If you truly believe we can change the world with music, this is an opportunity to put a little money where your mouth is…

There’s plenty of Wendy in the film, but it’s not just a great idea because she’s involved with it. It’s just a great idea full stop. The redoubtable Judy Cowgill and Pauline Brandon are also central to the project – headmistress and project leader respectively, and a very impressive team altogether.

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