The INTERACTIVE Sprout Singles Review – April 7th 1984

It was the done thing in the 1980s to have the up and coming stars of the day review the singles chart. Morrisey famously did it, and so, it turns out, did Paddy, Martin and Wendy, in the Record Mirror.

The article is presented here, and, as an added twist, clicking on the review for any given single will give you a 2 minute sample of the ACTUAL SONG Paddy and team taciturn is critiquing. Click again to stop. Most times you’ll be glad of that advice, but interesting that a couple of the singles have unexpectedly stood the test of time.

Getting the songs to play on a click was a 5 hour continuous mindf**k, and I’m certainly no expert on Javascript and HTML5 so probably it could be better. It’s a little slow to load the tunes on iPads and iPhones so bear with it. To make it stop, click again on the song you’re listening to, or on the graphic of the band. Apologies for the high pitched whining on some of the samples, I’ve not used exactly the finest sources known to man (mostly audio rips from Youtube).

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