Maxwell Hall, Salford University: October 26th, 1985

maxwell2Set List

01. Horsechimes
02. Moving The River
03. Cars And Girls
04. Bonny
05. Faron Young
06. Hallelujah
07. Lions In Own Garden Exit Someone
08. Wicked Things
09. Goodbye Lucille #1
10. Don’t Sing
11. Tiffany’s
12. When Love Breaks Down
13. When The Angels
14. Appetite
15. Cruel
16. Faron Young

A recording of this concert exists: mono audience cassette recording, bit noisy and toppy, but OK


2 thoughts

  1. Not entirely original to say, but I went to this concert – with my girlfriend and later wife. What a big influence the Steve McQueen album (LP as it was then and still is in the back bedroom somewhere) was and still is to a sadly smaller but inevitable degree I guess. Seems such a long time ago – hang on matey, it is pushing 30 years ago over half my life time. But still raises a moist eye when the SM corkers are played. Thank you Mr McAloon.

    Salford University Students Union must have had some pull and foresight in those days – saw U2 and The Beat there too. My mate was really miffed when The Beat did ‘Stand Down Margaret’ and he had gone to the bar for a pint and missed it.

    Thanks to whoever posted this recording – it’s a miracle it was recorded so well back then.

    1. Hi Ian .. I also saw the Beat there but can you remember when it was ? It’s never listed on their gigography list?

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