Everything must go – Sprout for Nowt!

imageOne of the things that happens when you collect to the point of obsession is that you pick up a shitload of duplicates.

Often by accident: you buy things you forget you had, or something isn’t as advertised. Sometimes on purpose, for an upgrade.

Anyway I have a pile of duplicates, of which you can see some examples in the photo, and as part of a decluttering exercise conceived to give me some moral high ground when discussing my wife’s obsessive wool collecting I’m giving them away to anyone who asks.

The slight snag is I’m not going to allow items to be selected. I have a pile of stuff, and basically it’s a lucky dip. There are some collectibles, some junk, some items with broken cases, some scratchy pressings from far flung places, one or two quite rare things. No Candle “Lions” though, sorry.

No guarantee of quality or delivery, no sales of goods act, but you’ll get what you get completely free, wherever you are in the world. I’ll send them when I can, this will depend on whether I have packing materials, whether I can get to the post office, volume of requests versus state of bank account, and so on. And you’re free to do whatever  you want with whatever you get, including selling it on Ebay, making it into a fruit bowl or clock (yes, people do this), or bin it or take it to a charity shop if you don’t like it, I won’t mind. If you like what you get a word of thanks or a photo wouldn’t go amiss, I may publish it in a follow on post.

To register, email to  the address in the graphic below. It’s important you start the subject of the email SPROUTSTUFF because I’ll use an automated filter. Include a mailing address and something to show you’re a fan rather than freeloader, doesn’t matter what, a fan will sort of know what would prove it to me. I’ll let you know when I get to sending things.


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  1. Tim, I can absolutely relate. I have the moral high ground already. As you know, I got rid of my collectables many years ago, but my wife has a 40-year-old collection of wool. Strange parallel, that! Knock on Wool!

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