Photo Corner – Gin Fizz, 1986

The things I do for Sproutology…

Yesterday, I took delivery of an Italian soft porn magazine, “Gin Fizz”, in the hope it would contain an interview – the description on Ebay suggested it might, and a couple of interviews had also been printed in the pages (some of which were stuck together in the copy I bought, best not to dwell on why that might be) of the similarly airbrushed French publication, “Club Pour Hommes” in 1988 and 1990, so my explanation isn’t quite as far fetched as my wife seemed to find it.

Sadly there was no interview. But the Prefab Sprout part, which was just announcing the Italian tour in 1986, has a lovely photo of a spectacularly sulky band. I originally thought it had come from the February promotional tour in Italy, but as Paddy was cleanshaven for that, clairology would suggest it was from the time of the “Appetite” video shoot.

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