Postbag Roundup – April 2nd 2016

imageLow in quantity, high in quality, this time.

There’s a 1983 NME which has a Paddy “My favourite things” feature, which will be heading to the interview section before very long.

An Italian magazine with an interview, for scanning and translation.

The “Two Wheels Good” album isn’t in fact an album but a 12″x12″ promotional flat.

Signed copies of “Don’t Sing” and “Swoon” on cassette, Paddy, Martin and Wendy for both, though on Swoon, Wendy signed over the top of Martin’s signature so it’s all a bit of a squiggle.

Oh, and you’re all going to really hate me for this, but there’s a near mint copy of “Lions” on Candle. Which cost, ahem, all of twenty-five quid including postage. I’m not keeping this one though, it was obtained on behalf of someone else who asked me to keep a look out for a copy.

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