Postbag Roundup – June 12th, 2016

imagePlenty of interesting things this time. We have a promotional photo of Paddy in Shades. The new Sony/Legacy Vinyl Steve McQueen. US Press Releases for “Langley” and “Cars and Girls”. Some French magazines including two interviews from 1997 which I’ll be putting into the interview section in a while. A Verycords Crimson/Red CD promo for the French version of the CD. A signed “Cars and Girls” Single.

And a NAB Broadcast Cartridge of “When Love Breaks Down”. This turned up on a YouTube video promoting a wonderful audio restoration company in Spain. I contacted them to ask if they’d sell it and the guy in charge, Jose, very kindly sent it for the cost of postage. I subsequently spent hours watching their other videos, which show the kit they have and how they, for example, fix broken shellac records or transfer wax cylinders. If you do any audio archiving work it’s just wonderful stuff. You can see the original youtube video below.


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