Postbag Roundup – September 20th 2015

imageOne of the benefits of travelling, which I have been doing for the past two weeks, is that things pile up nicely for your return. And this has been a particularly fruitful period.

Starting with the magazines. I’m doing a bit of a number now on finding and putting interviews online, so I’ve been amassing as many obscure titles as I can find, including the French 1988 soft porn “Club pour Hommes”, but also with a lot of other things. There’s a 1983 Hong Kong magazine with an advert for “Lions”, very far flung early Sprout.

Continuing left, a bumper box of singles, mostly for some cover variants I didn’t have. Then a Jordan Tour flyer. Top right is a promotional card flat for Protest Songs, never seen that before, and finally signed copies of Steve McQueen, Langley, and 2 signed US releases of “Let’s Change the World With Music”.

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