Paddy’s last stand (nearly)

Thanks to James for this. It’s fairly well known that Paddy did a couple of spots to support his local PTA, but James found a local newsletter which had a couple of photos. These are actually not of the very last performance in December 2007, but one on April 29th, 2006. The evening raised over £700.

The article explains that Paddy is an “excellent guitarist and singer” but prone to the dropping of names – it seems the writer didn’t know who he was! He then proceeds to wax considerably more lyrically about the other performers.

Apart from his own spot, Paddy backed another singer in a performance of “Every time you go away”, which is the second of the two pictures. Before anyone asks, it’s not his wife. Apologies for the dodgy scans.

Oh for a time machine and omniscience!

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