That Obscure Object of Desire

Here is something quite wonderful, courtesy of Haruo Yokoyama on the Facebook page for Paddy McAloon and Prefab Sprout. Pretty much all Japanese releases are special: the quality of the vinyl LPs is particularly good, both in terms of pressing quality and packaging, but this is an extremely rare object indeed, and one I yearn despairingly of ever finding somewhere, the Japanese cassette of “Swoon”

Cassettes are, I’m fairly sure, the next big collectable trend. They’re nicely retro, but unlike vinyl, easily portable and they don’t take up much space. They’re also relatively cheap at the moment (in general) and it is possible to get a more or less complete Sprout set of albums and singles on a shoestring. But some are impossibly difficult to find. The South African cassettes (I’ve only ever found one) in particular, and above all the Japanese ones – this is literally the first I’ve ever seen anywhere. Magnificent.

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