Dave Brewis, Zorrophonic Mailing List – October 14th, 1999

[email interview by “zero”, rescued from the old Zorrophonic mailing list]

Were you involved with any stage of the development of ‘From Langley Park to Memphis?’

Yes – I worked with the band in rehearsal and during demo recordings for several of the songs over a month or so, including ‘Life of Surprises’ which didn’t make it onto that album. That is the actual demo, which I don’t think they were able to improve upon. ‘The King of Rock’n’Roll’ and ‘I Remember That’ were particularly successful demos (not the 4-track home demos which were done prior to these 24-track ones), this would be late ’86.

Did you meet any of the other guest artists? Like Pete Townshend, Thomas Dolby or Stevie Wonder?

Pete and Stevie, no , but I already had met Thomas briefly

Or did you just help Prefab indirectly in making the album?

As above, playing guitar on the demos, working out arrangements, making tea, etc. Paddy re-recorded everything with Thomas Dolby, so I’m not on it, but I am on ‘Surprises’ as it wasn’t redone. Check out the other albums if you don’t have them, also the new compilation soon, ‘The 38 Carat Collection’.