Dublin Olympia: April 15th, 2000

olympia-theatre-on-dameSet Listing

01. Introduction
02. I Remember That
03. Bonny
04. The Sound of Crying
05. Machine Gun Ibiza
06. Andromeda Heights

07. We Let the Stars Go
08. Life’s a Miracle
09. If You Don’t Love Me
10. Jordan: The Comeback
11. Faron Young
12. Couldn’t Bear to be Special
13. Dragons
14. Appetite
15. A Life of Surprises
16. Electric Guitars
17. Cars and Girls
18. Cruel
19. I’m a Troubled Man
20. Carnival 2000
21. Moving the River
22. Hey Manhattan
23. Lions in my Own Garden (Exit Someone)
24. Swans
25. One of the Broken
26. When Love Breaks Down
27. Goodbye Lucille #1
28. Cowboy Dreams
29. Looking for Atlantis
30. Where the Heart is
31. Prisoner of the Past

A recording of this concert exists. Excellent audience recording.

See the entry for April 16th for a concert review by Mick Lynch

Irish Times, 17th April 2000

“Saw them in the Olympia theatre in Dublin in 1999 0r 2000, my memory’s a bit dodgy. I remember Paddy coming on stage and people gasping and calling him Jerry Garcia. Some wag in the audience shouted “what’s with the beard Paddy?” to which he replied, “does hair not grow in Ireland?” Which I thought was a damn good answer. He also told the audience that he had some new tunes but that he thought we might prefer to hear the ones we were familiar with. Wendy wasn’t with them but Neil Conti was back on drums and his playing particularly on Prisoner of the Past, which I think was the last song, was sensational. Some fans were disappointed that they didn’t do King of Rock and Roll but they did nearly everything else.”

Prisoner of the Past, sproutnet discussion board

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