Edinburgh Playhouse: October 12th, 1990

“The crowd were slow to respond and remained seated until the 4th or 5th number. Paddy and Wendy kept glancing at each other as if to say “What the…”. As “Cars and Girls” began our party to rose to our feet and danced, and like lemmings the entire audience followed suit. Despite the early hiccup the concert was terrific and the band were really tight.”

Gordon McCallum

(concert photos courtesy Sue Dyer)
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2 thoughts

  1. I was at this gig in the stalls Row A centre – took my sister – as per the photo Paddy got down into the crowd for The King of Rock n Roll offering the microphone to yours truly to sing the words ‘jumping frog’ . As I was in Row A I left the Sony Walkman Pro at recorder at home.

  2. I was there. Row L and shook Paddy’s hand as he went walk about. An unforgettable gig.I may have a poster for it somewhere…….

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