The Definitive Prefab Sprout Gig List

15 - SheffieldMore of a housekeeping exercise than a new adventure, but I’ve now moved the gigography from the PSGigs Wiki and hosted it it here. Wikispaces are starting to charge for hosting non educational wikis, and it’s a good opportunity to update and prettify a bit, although in most cases I’ve just transferred the content without paying too much attention to format for the time being.

One change you will notice though is that I will now start hosting audio in the gig entries. And we’ll see if anyone minds.

It’s a good opportunity to ask for anything else that may be lying around to help out with detail. That includes ticket stubs, photos, reviews, recordings or just recollections, contact me via a comment or via the form in the “FREE STUFF” section. As a matter of fact the memories have always been my favourite part of the gigography; they turn into a sort of oral history of the band, and some of the earlier ones are very evocative indeed. It was one of the first great Sprout works I did, with the original intention of finding out what might have been recorded, but I do very much enjoy tinkering with it and adding new discoveries. My favourite recent one was the early gigs which were diligently listed in the NME and searchable via an online database.

You will find the gigography on the menu tab helpfully labeled “GIGOGRAPHY”, although for conveniences sake I will also link to it with the customary magic link word: “here”.


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