Paddy Spotting – Late September 2016

Very interesting photograph. Very interesting. Taken (self evidently) in London.

Paddy, Spike Lee and Keith Armstrong. Some sort of project in the wind? We’ve gotta have it…


And then from a while back, same source…



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  1. Let’s not get too excited… Spike Lee might be filming a new documentary about Michael Jackson’s Thriller (just like the one he made for Off the Wall), and Paddy could be just one of the many celebrities interviewed for the project.
    Or… Spike could be editing a mammoth 12 hour documentary about the Sprouts career, to be released on Christmas day with a 6-cd box set of unreleased material.

    1. Possibly as Paddy wrote some songs for Michael Jackson and was in contact for a period of time.

      He still has those songs in a little box, I only know this because I see him often as he lives around the corner from me – we’ve recorded a few radio interviews over the years too

  2. I suspect Spike is in town to finish up the shooting of Paddy’s new music video set to be released in conjunction with the follow-up to Crimson Red, sometime in October hopefully (I am not exactly sure which October, but an October, definitely).

  3. Checking out the jazz section of HMV with his magnifying glass on Saturday, nattily attired in hat and the same (or similar) plaid overshirt he’s wearing in the second picture above. Didn’t have the nerve to approach him. Genius at work – or play. At all times.

    And I headed home grinning.

    1. Next time you are formally DARED by the rules of DARE to get him to sign a copy of the “She’s Gotta Have It” DVD with a knowing wink, and report back on the outcome.

  4. Hey Tim,
    Why don’t you contact Keith Amstrong with this post ? (if you have an adress to contact him of course cause unfortunately the official site of Kitchenware Records is not available anymore !)

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