Item of the Week – January 22nd 2016

inconcertBig thanks to David S for pointing this one out. It’s an odd one, as the seller seems to want swaps rather than a sale, but arguably the most difficult Sprout vinyl to find, the great lost live album, the BBC transcription disk of the “In Concert” broadcast. Actually it’s not quite the FM broadcast, it has different songs, see the gigography.

These were pressed in very small runs indeed, and they’re one of those things that really don’t come up often if at all. The listed price of 500euros really isn’t out of court for this if it’s in good condition.

And it’s worth saying these records in general are lovely objects. For bigger bands – the Floyds and Depeche Modes – they were widely faked, you can usually tell these because they have a black and white label rather than the green one the BBC used, or often, bizarrely, coloured vinyl.

As usual, click on the graphic to get to the listing.

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