Munich Alabamahalle, 2nd December 1985

Set Listing (Circulating Rebroadcast)

01. Moving the River
02. Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny, Johnny)
03. Tiffanys
04. Bonny
05. When Love Breaks Down
06. Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
07. When the Angels
08. Cruel
09. Faron Young

This is not the original running order but a later edit for TV rebroadcast. It is understood that the concert was broadcast live in two sections (and possibly on different channels) with a gap for other programming and songs repeated in both sections, with the following running order, however no privately held recordings are known:

Section 1:
01. Moving the River
02. Bonny
03. Faron Young
04. When Love Breaks Down
05. Appetite
Section 2:
06. Wicked Things
07. Cars and Girls
08. Goodbye Lucille #1
09. Tiffany’s
10. Bonny
11. When Love Breaks Down
12. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
13. When the Angels
14. Cruel
15. Faron Young.

The edited concert was broadcast on German TV (Bayerischen Rundfunks, broadcast date from credits is 2000). There are at least three versions of the broadcast circulating on bootleg DVDs, one with slightly grainy video, and two higher quality video copies with variations in the BR logo. There is no difference in the content. It’s significant as being the only reasonably complete concert video known to exist.

The concert is also currently available on Youtube, and audio rips are available . The audio from the broadcast is a touch thin and toppy with an annoying approximately 357Hz tone audible in the quieter passages.


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