“Red Wedge Tour”, Newcastle City Hall: January 31st, 1986


Set Listing

01. Dublin
02. Cruel

A recording of this performance is believed to exist

“1986 – Red Wedge Tour at Newcastle City Hall. For around 5 quid me and my mate from school got to see a whole bunch of bands. We were right down the front to see The Smiths, Billy Bragg, Style Council, etc. If I remember rightly – Paddy and Wendy came on stage and performed Cruel. All in aid of smashing Thatcher and helping the Labour Party win the 1987 election – or something like that ..”

Ben69, sproutnet discussion board .

“The North East was well represented too, particularly by the Kitchenware acts The Kane Gang and Prefab Sprout, whose two song set consisted of ‘Dublin’ and ‘Cruel’. Paddy gave a little tease of what was to come when introduced ‘one of the Smiths.., Wendy Smith!'”

John Hardy, North East Music History Blog

“But topping the local talent was the accoustic Paddy McAloon. The quirky ‘Dublin’ – a nostalgic carol to lost Ireland – seemed to be stepping in Gary Kemp’s bootsteps but his carressing croon and lyrical magic came through on ‘Cruel’, aided by the sylph like Wendy. “But cruel is the gospel that sets us all free”, they swooned in unison..”

NME, February 8th, 1986



2 thoughts

  1. I was there too…. great night.
    Highlights.. Billy Bragg….Paddy and Wendy….Morrissey throwing his shirt at me..he missed by a dozen rows..but…it was definitely aimed at me.
    Then there was an election and another Thatcher government….grrrrr.

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