Chris Jones – The King of Rock and Roll

Thanks to Graeme Elston from Facebook for finding this. From Chris Jones’ collection, “Jigs and Reels”, a poem about an encounter with Paddy in the mid-80s.

I’m not reproducing the poem itself, beyond the fragment in the graphic, because you should find it and buy a copy via the poet himself and his website. It captures something very delicate and true, a really satisfying piece of work. I’m very much looking to read more of his work.

I contacted Chris to buy a copy, and he explained that he had gone Newcastle to do an English Degree back in 1987. He was out in town, near Eldon Square and spotted Paddy. He recalls spotting Wendy first, who was with him and was easier to pick out, and he had the feeling Paddy didn’t want to draw attention to himself.

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