I have lived in Neville’s Cross, but it’s not famous for me…


The title, of course, is the opening line from the wonderful “Nero the Zero”. “That’s the opening line, to an ancient song of mine, we had great fun trying to play it”.

However it’s not necessarily going to be true any more, following an announcement from Autumn 2014 which I just found. A new development of student accommodation is to sprout up in Neville’s Cross, and from the press piece on it we learn that:

Alumno, a specialist in the design and development of high quality and modern accommodation for students, plans to create and design a ‘lyric reference’ to renowned Durham singer-songwriter Paddy Mcaloon within the landscaped garden. The Prefab Sprout band member commented: ‘Neville’s cross has special memories and I am flattered to be approached and look forward to seeing further details.

More information here.

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